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Lunch & Nutrition

Westglen School provides a supervised lunch program for students in grades one to six who stay at school for lunch.  Students must register for the lunch program.  Lunch program fees are due in October.  Fees cover the costs associated with supervision and required supplies.

*Please Note: Eating utensils are not provided to students by the school.  Please pack appropriate utensils in your child’s lunch kit.



In the interest of promoting health and wellness at Westglen, the consumption of candy, soft drinks, and “junk food” is strongly discouraged.  Your assistance in helping children make healthy food choices and supporting the district and school plan to promote healthy food and beverage choices is appreciated.



We encourage litterless lunches at Westglen.  Students are asked to bring lunches in recyclable containers.   Portions of lunch that are not eaten are sent home with students at the end of the day.  This helps us keep our school clean and enables parents to be more aware of what their children are eating at lunch.  Recycle containers are available for drink cartons and other recyclables.



All students eat lunch in their classrooms. Lunch program supervision is provided by lunchroom supervisors and school staff who work hard to make the lunch hour a pleasant and enjoyable time for students.  Students in the lunch program are expected to demonstrate respectful and responsible behaviour at all times. Specific behavioural expectations are outlined in the lunch program registration letter and contract.  School lunch privileges may be suspended for students whose behaviour requires a level of supervision greater than the school can provide and, in these cases, parents are responsible for making alternative lunch hour arrangements for their child.


We require regular and substitute lunchroom supervisors for the school year.  Please contact the office if you are interested in this opportunity.