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School Philosophy

Westglen...A creative, inclusive, active and engaged learning community.

 We believe:

In providing balanced inclusive educational programming that promotes lifelong learning.
- In encouraging students to become caring, respectful, responsible citizens who contribute to society.
- In fostering a challenging and stimulating environment that encourages creativity and supports student achievement.
- In building strong relationships between staff, students, families and the community.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

 Please refer to the Students rights and responsibilities 2018-19 document.   


Westglen School is proud of the video that was created as part of our involvement in the District's "Action on Inclusion" project.  We will continue our work learning about and implementing effective instructional practices that support diverse learners.  Click here to view the video.


Learning Technologies Videos

Visit Learning Technologies: Information for Teachers to find out about technologies that support learning. You can view all of the videos by clicking on the Videos and Learning Guides link. Thank you to the students and staff who told their stories and the parents who agreed to let us share their children's successes. If you have any comments or questions about the information or programs used in these videos, please contact us.